COS health insurance incentive info

Participation in the blood pressure incentive and/or wellness incentive is as follows:

  • The $20 per month incentive will continue for employees, spouses and partners on the city’s health plan who maintain their blood pressure within the healthy range, or who are working with their doctor or health coach toward that goal.


  • The Health Screening Assessment incentive program will continue. Employees can earn a $120 incentive for seeing their doctor for bloodwork (or attending an on-site biometric screening) and then completing an online health assessment. A spouse or partner can also earn $120 if they are on the city’s health plan.

Below are the dates for the health screenings, but employees can also complete the information with their physician. 


Personal phone use on work items discouraged

Recently there were valid concerns related to the ZipWhip application that the department chose to partner. Yes, many personal numbers were uploaded without employees consent and we have been informed all have now been purged from the system. 


The key take away from this is a legal notation from a case involving DPS. In the related case a DPS officers phone information was requested due to defense counsel reaching for information with no justification. The standard that came from this case was that defense counsel must show it is used for work purposes. 

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Reminder to get a Will or plan for the future

A member had a question that prompted some research and thought it to be a good example of why at a minimum a free Will from YPL is a good idea.

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Client Estate Planning Information Questionaire


Everything revolved around The Law of Intestate Succession

The example below is from this link.


Example Nightmare 1: This is a very common, but dangerous scenario. If it applies to you, you need a Will to change the result. Homer Simpson is married to Marge and they have three kids. Homer had a fourth child with another woman before he met Marge. Homer and his son with the other woman have not spoken in twenty years. Homer and Marge are residents of Arizona (they left Springfield after Homer lost his job at the power plant that had to shut down because it could not afford to comply with the EPA’s December 2011 regulations requiring the plant to reduce emissions of 84 substances) and their most valuable asset is their $200,000 home that they own free and clear as community property. Homer does not have any separate property. Homer dies without a Will.

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Protecting your identity and information

A credit freeze simply allows an individual to control how a U.S. consumer reporting agency is able to sell his or her data. This applies to SIX independent credit bureaus. The credit freeze locks the data at the consumer reporting agency until an individual gives permission for the release of the data. Basically, if your information stored by the credit reporting bureaus is not available, no institution will allow the creation of a new account with your identity. This means no credit cards, bank accounts, or loans will be approved in your name. In many cases if someone tries to use your identity but cannot open any new services, they will find someone else to exploit. I can think of no better motivation to freeze your credit than knowing that no one can open new lines of credit in your name. This does NOT affect your current accounts or credit score. A credit freeze also provides a great layer of privacy protection.

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