Spring 2018 FOP Journal

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As we get ready to mail the spring edition of FOP Journal, we’re giving you an advance online look at the printed magazine. In our cover story, FOP members share insights on how law enforcement officers with military experience can benefit their agencies. You’ll also find articles on seasonal tactical and duty apparel, vehicle accessories and modifications, and higher-education programs in forensic accounting — plus, as always, essential updates from the FOP on the issues that shape our profession and the work we’re doing on your behalf.

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FOP history in Arizona

A short spinet from the quarterly PSPRS newsletter that includes the proud history of FOP from an independent party:

The year was 1966. Phoenix Fire Department Captain Benny Ashley – president of the United Phoenix Fire Fighters Local 493 – went down to the Arizona Legislature in pursuit of a goal: To advocate for a better retirement for Arizona public safety workers.

Together with leaders from the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police and state legislators like Republican Majority Leader Rep. Burton Barr, Ashley spent two years lobbying for a more robust pension for fire fighters and police officers. At the time, says Ashley, the maximum retirement benefit for a public safety worker was about $250 per month.

Then, in March 1968, with a stroke of the pen from Williams, the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System was born.

Ashley – now 100 years old, making him the oldest member of PSPRS – was there at the signing ceremony. To this day…

Status of 2018 compensation implementation

During this past month there have been numerous discussion revolving around compensation. Below you will find a brief summary of the events leading up to and coming up related to this topic.

Beginning of April – City of Scottsdale Class and Compensation study provided to city staff by Public Sector Personnel Consultants (PSPC) for comments and clarification.

April 10th – Class and compensation added to April 24th City Council Agenda based on information provided and staff level feedback. Council Agenda

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Arizona Fraternal Order of Police

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